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canada goose outlet store uk Parts of Snowden’s journey from Hawaii to Moscow are omitted. Most sentient members of the audience will understand they have to be, given the global efforts underway to nab Snowden, and the need to protect the many people who played a role who choose to or need to remain anonymous. None of that is new in a documentary turn on the evening news and witnesses speak in shadowy profile, while most docs about the CIA or the NSA alter voices and employ false names for the same reasons. canada goose outlet store uk

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canada goose outlet online uk This should have been India’s moment with the daunting domestic challenges facing the US, the crisis in the Eurozone, the political transition in China and turmoil in Russia. Yet India seems to have missed the bus one more time. From a potential world power, the nation is now in danger of becoming a basket case and a banana republic. canada goose outlet online uk

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