Wikipedia’s list of Yiddish words that have become part of the

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The Valley has witnessed a violent week. On Saturday, a 20 year old man was killed in clashes between police and civilians after Eid prayers in south Kashmir Anantnag. A was allegedly killed in army firing during protests in Pulwama on Friday. Yiddish, the German dialect spoke by Eastern European or Ashkenazi Jews, is known replica bags for its colorful phrases and onomatopoeic insults, the sound of luxury replica bags the word helps to convey the meaning, especially of a put down. Wikipedia’s list of Yiddish words that have become part of the English lexicon largely because of Jewish New Yorkers, but bag replica high quality especially because of Jewish comedians, include bupkis (worthless), dreck (garbage), gonif (thief), kvetch (complain), meshuga (crazy), and nosh (snack). Some more Yiddish words that have crept into English are at the end of this post..

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