who purchase ARPS in future auctions should be aware of the

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cheap moncler jackets The past several days, the auction rate moncler uk outlet preferred share market moncler outlet prices has experienced a number of failed auctions across the industry. A number of Morgan Stanley closed end funds that have outstanding series of auction rate preferred shares (ARPS) have also experienced failed auctions, Morgan said in a statement.Closed end funds, unlike traditional open end mutual funds, issue a fixed number of units and trade on exchanges. In order to earn higher returns, they borrow by issuing preferred shares which pay dividends at rates determined in an auction that usually occurs every seven to 28 days.Over the past week, however, the auctions failed as the institutional and wealthy individual investors that usually snap up the preferred shares have moncler outlet stayed away due to growing concerns about the credit markets.Banks that normally step in to buy the unsold shares have also backed out because they are already saddled with vast amounts of various securities whose values have tumbled with the credit crisis.who purchase ARPS in future auctions should be aware of the possibility that a particular auction may fail and consequently investors may not be able to sell their shares on that auction date, moncler sale Morgan said.The firm said it is with other market participants to find ways to restore liquidity to the ARPS market.Besides closed end funds, student loan programs and municipalities also issue securities whose rates are determined by auctions.Separately, Tortoise Capital Advisors, an investment firm focusing on the energy sector, said some of its closed end funds also experienced failed auctions. cheap moncler jackets

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