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O Lord. Peace and blessings be upon you O Messenger. Peace be upon you O Messenger. The mountain view property includes the main house, a guesthouse, a swimming pool and spa with a waterfall, a lighted tennis cheap hermes belt court and an outdoor fireplace. Among features are a two story entry hall, a wine cellar, a music room/studio, a game room with a bar, four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Presidents and Olympians.

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Fast forward to 2008. As part of their 180th anniversary celebrations, Guerlain has now issued Cologne du 68 (named for their address on the Champs Elyses) in a 100 ml bottle, and it can be had at your local Neiman Marcus for $100. I went to visit it there to see if it was worth having now that it was affordable (at least in the relative sense), decided it was not, and promptly bought it anyway.

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