We hope he crawl in there and we can properly rescue him later

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Canada Goose online You want to know how to make a comeback? Stop thinking about being down on the first place. canada goose uk black friday Trying to make up your losses at this Canada Goose Coats On Sale point is only going to make you continue to do dumb shit, canada goose factory sale which is the last thing you want. That shit is already gone, so stop fucking thinking about it. Instead, focus on growing the 500 you do have. Stay away from shitty meme stocks and go back to ITM options on solid, boring shit. canada goose sale mens Think long time span calls on things like SPY, V, MSFT, etc. things that just slowly and unspectacularly go up. When you get to a certain price that canada goose uk outlet you set before buying, sell that shit and re allocate into options on a different boring ass stock. Rinse and repeat this x number of times, and you eventually get back what you lost.

buy canada goose jacket Reddit is brimming with individuals ready to jump on any minuscule opportunity https://www.canadagooseoutlet4sale.com to show off their latest trivia. I think it about Canada Goose Online establishing a sense of pride and superiority in the only way this age of information allows, not about anything noble. Just my opinion, but buy canada goose jacket cheap I feel like a social media platform begins to deteriorate once it favors virtue signaling and debate over fun. Seemed to happen with facebook.

canada goose clearance I know this message cheap Canada Goose is now part of the problem, but I just had to get canada goose coats on sale that off my chest. Sorry my first post was rude, thank Canada Goose Outlet you for reading.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Today, my girlfriend and I found a frog sitting curled up canada goose uk shop and motionless on a cold, dry sidewalk. We figured he had been dug up from his hibernation burrow and that he needed our help. After taking him inside and warming him up, he looked moist, alert, and ready to go back to his habit. While taking him in my girlfriends car to a nearby pond, he lept away from me, landed on the floor mat, and climbed under the foot vents and up behind the dashboard. We tore the carpeting up around the floor mats and looked everywhere we could for the little canada goose store guy, but it canada goose coats seems as if he disappeared.

Our current plan involves a trap consisting of a dish of water, a drizzle of honey, and a dollop of Nutella all housed in a small paper bag. We hope he crawl in there and we can properly rescue him later tonight.

cheap Canada Goose So canada goose are we doing the best we can? Is there any substance known to lure out frogs? Is it possible he just found a way out and escaped under the car? Please help!

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canada goose Any person who knowingly engages in behavior that makes them statistically more likely to be involved in an accident is in part responsible when an accident occurs

I completely disagree with this. By this logic, if someone is tailgating you aggressively, on a two lane road with no passing canada goose clearance allowed, Canada Goose sale you are in part “responsible” for the collision if you have to brake for an animal or obstruction in the road and they rear end you because they couldn stop in time. They are actually 110% at fault for rear ending you. But according to your logic, because you were canada goose clearance sale “knowingly engage[d] in behavior that makes [you] statistically more likely to be involved in an accident,” you uk canada goose outlet are partly at fault. Totally disagree.

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The person who does the rear ending is at canadian goose jacket fault every time; this is also the law. Driving the speed limit on a two lane road with no passing allowed is not increasing the probability of an accident.

I just view the world like this: assholes are an objective reality of the world. They are like a Canada Goose Parka disease. If you don get the flu shot and still get the flu (idealistically), if you don use a condom and you give/receive an STD, if you don take your malaria pills before visiting Africa, etc. AND you end up getting sick, you are partially responsible.

canada goose coats on sale Please, avoid the asshole and move over. Only use the left lane to pass. It is a legal requirement.

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Canada Goose Jackets Generally my comments in this thread have been an attempt to Canada Goose online clarify canada goose black friday sale that driving slowly in the left lane itself is, yes, a bad behavior, but not a cause of collisions. The cause of collisions is the people responding dangerously to the slow driver. The slow driver is at fault for an annoying traffic obstruction only, not for an collision, the tailgaters/weavers are at fault for collisions.

canadian goose jacket I agree that a prudent driver should avoid driving slowly in the left lane not only because it illegal and creates a traffic obstruction, but that it also triggers the ragemeter on assholes who might then cause a collision. However, I refuse to agree that they are in any way responsible for the collision.

Canada Goose sale What I really don like, and what started me on all this, is how the video said that slow left lane drivers “force” other drivers to behave dangerously. It literally uses that word, “force.” Which is complete BS, and validates the kind of cheap canada goose uk impatient/ragemeter thinking that leads to accidents in the first place. And there seem to be a lot of people in this thread who have a ragemeter/trigger effect on these slow drivers and who are thus the people who are actually responsible for the danger.

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canada goose black friday sale Alright, we can agree that the video did not use the best word choice. It was very one sided, and the wild lane changing like their little graphic showed should never be excused. That probably the biggest cause of traffic.

Canada Goose Outlet But still, uk canada goose I don think either side can outright win this “party A is the cause and party B is innocent” argument. Both behaviors make driving more dangerous and cause traffic. I think buy canada goose jacket we should equally encourage both parties to change, instead of putting language Canada Goose Jackets out there that suggests one is technically somehow worse than the other.


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