Walmart spokeswoman Deisha Barnett confirmed the memo existence

From my Marine Corps impression, 85% of the Chaplain duty was counseling and the remainder doing prayers for formations and potlucks. If that the case, it makes sense that an atheist could absolutely fill the role. However, I believe a greater case could be made for divorcing the role of chaplain from mental health and assigning units real mental health professionals.

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cheap moncler outlet Customers are seen at cheap moncler sale a Wal Mart market in Miami, Florida May18, 2010. REUTERS/Carlos BarriaThe memo, cheap moncler jackets marked “highly sensitive”, asks Wal Mart marketing managers to make sure they discount aging meat and baked goods to maximize chances of selling them before their expiration dates, according to the report. Food stamp benefits, which has eaten into the budget of the retailer core customer base.The Times said the moncler outlet woodbury memo calls for comprehensive markdowns across 32 departments, asks stores to find creative ways to sell clearance items and to keep records of daily throws of meat and poultry.Walmart spokeswoman Deisha Barnett confirmed the memo existence.The memo, which the Times said was leaked for public use by a Wal Mart manager unhappy about understaffing, urges managers to reduce inventory and warns them not to moncler online store exceed budgets.The memo also advises stores to be sure to dairy products and eggs, which means removing expired items and adding new stock at the bottom and back of display cases, the Times said.Reporting by Devika Krishna Kumar and Nayan Das in Bangalore; Editing by Savio D’Souza and Simon Jennings.. cheap moncler outlet

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