Until a German exchange student named Dieter Muller took it

Eastman, Ludwig Edelstein, and Alan F. F. Green, ‘Soranus of Ephesus: Methodicorum princeps’, in: Hildegard Temporini and Wolfgang Haase (eds), Aufstieg und Niedergang der r Welt: Geschichte und Kultur Roms im Spiegel der neueren Forschung, Teilband 2 of Band 37.2 (Berlin/New York: de Gruyter 1994) 968 R. The electrodes were connected to a source of electricity, as shown in the figure. One electrode, the anode, became positively charged. The other electrode, the cathode, became negatively charged. The result was a glowing beam, or cathode ray, that traveled from the cathode to the anode. Thomson found that a cathode ray is deflected by electrically charged metal plates. A positively charged plate attracts the cathode ray, while a negatively charged plate repels it.

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