Unlike a desktop system, in which each individual component is

Besides more sales tax, ST3 would also raise car tab taxes, considered progressive because they fall hardest on owners of new and luxury cars.Rising property taxes mostly track with wealth, but they can also squeeze homeowners of modest means, if they bought homes in a cheaper era.Here is a tour of the taxes being proposed.Property taxThe introductory property tax rate would be $25 per $100,000 of home value.To calculate your ST3 property tax, find your 2016 home value on the value cards that county assessors are mailing this summer, for property tax year 2017, and do the math. Commercial property owners would be billed as well.Chances are wholesale nfl jerseys, you’re now wondering if transit property taxes would skyrocket after 2017, presuming home values continue their rapid rise.Tim Eyman’s Initiative 747 capped the increases in property tax collections for most local taxing districts at 1percent, excluding new development.So the average ST3 property tax bill would increase 1percent in 2018 and beyond. As a rate, the initial $25 would gradually decrease, if values rise.It’s hard to know how much tax that landlords would pass through to renters or business tenants.

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