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I got tired of people saying weaver is too hard

I totally love to see a power chrono rotation video like this. Something that explains what you doing and why.Personally i have been doing moncler uk outlet a lot of training raids and struggling to keep track of rotation, especially when I have moncler sale outlet to use my signet to heal because of whatever reason. uk moncler sale Usually discount moncler jackets someone missing / failing moncler online store greens or no one pushing seekers away (since VG is the one I struggling with most that what comes to mind first).But no really. Please make a video. moncler outlet woodbury Even if you are think it a niche build and no one will care. There some of us that will. I literally never seen another person do a perfect rotation). There more of a culture for weaver about doing perfect rotations, while for power chrono people just seem to think winging it and using stuff off cooldown with a basic priority list is enough.And I disagree, I think people should be aiming for perfect rotations on chrono too. It such a cheap moncler jackets mens huge difference if you use your weaponswaps and shatters in a precise calculated manner, compared to just using stuff based moncler womens jackets on the priority list. cheap moncler sale It feels like most things are used off cooldown but I have no detailed explanation to tell me otherwise.I cheap moncler jackets certainly like it a lot and immediately geared a second copy on my alt account, so if you had moncler outlet store more details cheap moncler coats mens like this video, moncler outlet prices I would uk moncler outlet love it.The issue moncler usa is, although philosophically it is good to have effort linking directly to reward, in practice all it leads to is:Almost everyone rolls WeaverMost cant achieve those numbers anyway, so not only do they now hinder everyones runs but they think moncler outlet they are doing best moncler jackets a good jobCreates class elitism that doesn even need to existEncourages moncler outlet people to believe weaver should be the end game and every other DPS class is a stepping stone to your journey as weaver (which invalidates other classes). Weaver gives up so much in terms of support and survival which is rewarded by more damage.Dps classes that bring utility are used when needed otherwise top dps is best in slot.People should not cry about weaver, they should cry about Epidemic first.And just as this video showed, the rotation moncler sale is not that hard to pull off, it not actual skill that gets rewarded into higher numbers. The extra skill you need is to stay alive. yes it a dps loss but so is dying. they literally have moncler outlet sale skills with healing baked into them that they can switch regardless of build.this is why im so annoyed with weavers. tough shit you might get nerfed. yes you do in fact have cc and heals don act like they don exist because they a dps loss that is not how things work. I don think anybody pretends water attunement doesn exist. >.> moncler outlet online To get any real healing out of cheap moncler jackets womens it anyway you need to double attune. It only practical use in raids as a DPS class moncler sale online is for KC orb phase as auto attacking in water is plenty of healing to keep the party alive. Freezing field has some niche use but pretending that water is going to be a super strong group healing source is disingenuous.

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