This year legal catches were slashed again

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uk canada goose outlet Now they are much more valuable as raw sashimi fish, and stocks of the two species, southern and northern bluefin, have plunged to canada goose outlet uk fake small fractions of their original size.In the southern hemisphere, canada goose outlet orlando the Australian Government and industry in 2006 uncovered an over catch scandal in which, Canberra said, Japanese fishers over many years in effect stole fish calculated to be worth up to $8 billion.This year legal catches were slashed again, but still the Australian delegation leader, John Kalish, told the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna that the Government canada goose outlet uk sale deeply concerned about compliance with national allocations of SBT The actual catch was still well above currently agreed limits, he said.In the northern hemisphere, an attempt is being mounted to list bluefin canada goose outlet belgium under the Convention on International canada goose vest outlet Trade in Endangered Species. Official quotas were halved this month, but they are systematically exceeded.a zero catch limit could have maximised the chances that Atlantic bluefin could recover to the point where the fishery could exist in the future, said Susan Lieberman, a deputy director of international policy for the Pew Foundation.It is this kind of industrial scale pressure that faces Pacific tuna species.The western and central Pacific Ocean is the largest and most valuable tuna fishery in the world, canada goose outlet germany a fishing bonanza providing more than half of the global supply of tuna, sold for more than $US3 billion annually.A record canada goose outlet toronto 2.4 million tonnes of tuna was counted out of the 16 nation fishery last year. A third more, 790,000 tonnes, may be taken illegally, according to a study led by David Agnew of Imperial College London.As well as Taiwan, ships from Japan, the United States, Korea and the European Union fish these waters, their might embodied in the Spanish purse seiner Albatun Tres uk canada goose outlet.


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