This means that if you have to move to another RDBMS later

Then weird shit starts happening. In Captain America v3 21, Clint happens to have a couple of boxes of Vibranium, which he has stashed in the mansion, and which become unstable and explode. Tony discovers that when Steve re made his shield after the Beyonder destroyed it, he didn reassemble it perfectly, which is why it fell apart on the ocean floor.

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“For the team to bounce back and put forth that type of effort against UMass, who has been really hot lately 3 1 1 in their past five games I was just very proud of the effort,” UConn coach Mike Cavanaugh said. “We won a lot of puck battles and did the little things you need to do to win a hockey game. That’s a big game for us, especially after [Sunday] night, which was such a deflating game for us.

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Change theory teaches us that getting across the bridge of new initiatives in this case new standards and curriculum takes time and ongoing support. We are in a marathon, not a sprint. To put in place a new teacher evaluation plan as school districts implement this new curriculum is hugely problematic, because it compromises the positive results we are seeing from the new state standards..

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