They know the risks, yet decide to indulge anyway

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Canada Goose Parka If your post had been titled, “Is this a bad time to enter the stock market?” everybody would come here and tell canada goose uk shop you to stop trying to time the market because it’s impossible canada goose factory sale to know what the market will do.

buy canada goose jacket That buy canada goose jacket cheap said, as products of human behaviour, markets do have trends, housing reacts more slowly to events than other markets, and it appears that this market is trending downward in price.

cheap Canada Goose You might lose on the investment front, but you will have a nice place for your family to grow in.

It used to be a rare occurrence to see someone having a really bad episode or becoming dangerous to others around them, but for whatever reason, uk canada goose over the past few years it seems to be cheap canada goose uk getting more and more common.

People are on edge, but canada goose clearance we not allowed to talk about it because that just part of living in the Big City, y

Canada Goose Jackets Don like having a guy stab you in the face with a screwdriver or kicking you in the back or stabbing you to death while you are standing in line to buy something at Shoppers or yelling in your face that he going to fucking kill you? Move back to your “safe space” in the 905, you pearl clutching, pansy assed baby!

canada goose clearance These are the same people that think it not so bad to canada goose clearance sale have a murder a day, because hey, Chicago has more. FFS.

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canada goose clearance sale The decision to canada goose start using drugs and/or other highly addictive substances is often a deliberate conscious choice made by that individual. They know the risks, yet decide to indulge anyway. How is that not a lifestyle choice?

Canada Goose Outlet If it not a choice, canada goose store how do people successfully complete rehab or stop drinking or smoking, or even gambling uk canada goose outlet or watching porn? Is it canadian goose jacket not because they have chosen to stop engaging in the behaviour?

Canada Goose sale I not comfortable with removing the element of personal responsibility canada goose black friday sale from canada goose coats addiction. I much more interested in what draws people to it in the first place emotional trauma, sexual abuse, etc. The “emptiness” that Mate mentions.

buy canada goose jacket cheap And again, I am not saying the choice is easy or that some people are not highly predisposed to addiction Canada Goose Outlet due to other underlying issues. I just saying that at the end of the day, there is a choice that can be made use or do not use. You can make similar choices with diseases like cancer or MS.

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Canada Goose online Cancer and MS simply have a different pathology from mental illness. Do you think that canada goose uk black friday mental illness is a lifestyle choice? People come out of depression, overcome anxiety, recover from Canada Goose Jackets eating disorders etc. etc. all the time.

canada goose deals A person with OCD can just decide to stop acting on their compulsions, just as a person with addiction can just decide to stop using their SOC. It takes a lot of hard work through therapy and probably medication to come out of mental illness.

With addiction and some other stigmatized mental illnesses, individuals may also need to overcome homelessness, isolation, lack canada goose coats on sale of familial support, in addition to the trauma that them to addiction in the first place. Hell, some people are homeless and have both addiction and schizophrenia can you imagine deciding to just stop using heroin when Canada Goose sale you have government aliens canada goose sale spying on you and news anchors on TV communicating directly canada goose uk outlet to you and voices in your head telling you to kill yourself and nowhere to go where you feel safe? I sure most people would turn to the comforting embrace of opioids if their life were that chaotic.

And as you said, trauma is at Canada Goose online the heart of addiction. How can we ignore that trauma once a person is addicted? People with addiction almost always have some form of childhood trauma, and often it is cheap Canada Goose sexual in nature. Their brains have been changed by the traumatic events that have happened the them in their lives. Many of those people with addiction you see on the streets and look at with disgust because they ruined their own lives were once just kids starved for comfort and love and attachment who Canada Goose Parka have grown into adults trying to trick their brain into thinking they finally found those feelings in a syringe.

canada goose store No, I clearly stated that IMO, deciding to use drugs or drink alcohol (or gamble, shop, watch porn, etc) is a lifestyle choice. Addiction may (or may not) follow that choice.

a person with addiction can just decide to stop using their SOC

Of course they can. As you stated, it often takes hard work and determination, and if necessary, medical intervention. There are many junkies, drinkers, smokers and food addicts Canada Goose Online who just decided one day, “That it, I done with this.” For some it was an easier journey, and for others it was a damn near impossible struggle.

If I understanding your position correctly, you are saying that some people are born addicted to substances they haven even tried or taken yet, and are just fulfilling their destiny like automatons, helpless and unable to resist the buy canada goose jacket siren call.

canada goose black friday sale How do people typically become addicts? What is the first step?

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They should sold and got while Canada Goose Coats On Sale the getting was good instead of letting their money rest on the assumption that the house would be worth the same or more in the future especially since they needed the money for a contract they entered into NOW.

They could sold at the peak, taken the money they needed and stayed with a relative or rented something until their new house was built.

Universally foolish move. Never assume something that gone up in price will just keep going up in a straight line without some type of correction or reversal along the way.


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