“These charges are baseless, motivated by spite and advanced

Replica Bags Armstrong is exploring all his legal options,” Luskin added.Five of Armstrong’s associates, three doctors and two team officials, were also told earlier this month that procedures had begun against them in what could be one of the biggest doping cases in sport.Armstrong, who has never failed a doping test, has denied the charges.”I have never doped,” he said in a statement when USADA first outlined their accusations of doping violations committed by him from 1998 to 2011.”I have competed as an endurance athlete for 25 years with no spike in performance, replica designer backpacks passed more than 500 drug tests and never failed one.”Allegations included prolonged use of a range of performance enhancing drugs including erythropoietin (EPO), blood transfusions, testosterone, corticosteroids, human growth hormone and masking agents.The Texan was also accused of trafficking and administering drugs to other cyclists.”All respondents will have the opportunity to exercise their right to a full public arbitration hearing, should they so choose, where all evidence would be presented, witness testimony would be given under oath and an independent group of arbitrators would ultimately decide the outcome of the case,” USADA said.Armstrong is one of the most successful and controversial cyclists of all time.A cancer survivor, he returned to the sport after beating the illness and won the Tour de France an unprecedented seven times in succession from 1999 to 2005.Although he never failed a doping test, Armstrong has been dogged by accusations of cheating. Justice Department spent two years investigating claims against him but closed their case in February without bringing any formal charges against him.Armstrong said USADA’s accusations were the same as those investigated by the Justice Department.”These charges are baseless, motivated by spite and advanced through testimony bought and paid for by promises of anonymity and immunity,” he said.If found guilty the 40 year old Texan, who has retired from cycling and taken up triathlon, could face a life ban from competition. Republication or redistribution of PTI content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent.. Replica Bags

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