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New labs were opened in Gordon Hall, but there was still no central coordination of research, either on campus or nationally.In 1917, the university’s trustees did establish the Committee on Scientific Research to cheap nike air jordans provide minimal oversight of the scattered research done on campus. A meagre $10,000 was taken out of the university’s endowment to finance select projects. In 1919, retro jordans for sale cheap online Queen’s first research chair the Chown Science Research Chair was endowed by a prominent local family.

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cheap jordans on sale Welcome back to Constellation Friday! Today, we will be dealing with one of the best known constellations, that “watery” asterism and section of the sky known as Aquarius. Cue the soundtrack cheap nike jordans from Hair!In the 2nd century CE, Greek Egyptian astronomer Claudius Ptolemaeus (aka. Ptolemy) compiled a list of all the then known constellations. cheap jordans on sale

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