There a reason there are so few good dancers in their 40s

Ben Morris dancing WCS and Lindy Hop

This subreddit is canada goose outlet washington dc dedicated canada goose outlet store calgary to anyone that shares an interest or dedication for dancing the historic dances done to popular music from the 1920s through the 1950s… also know as swing dancing.There is no single style of dance that is swing dancing. It is a collection of dances, which include Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Charleston Balboa, various forms of “Shag”, Boogie Woogie, etc. canada goose outlet store near me This is a group for people who love to dance these dances and who share in their passion for the history, music, and culture of these dances, which are currently done all over the world. Please review canada goose outlet near me common reddiquette, and that we all fellow humans and dancers here. Violations will be removed and repeat offenders banned at moderator discretion. Suggested Format: [Artist] “Song Title” (Year)Links to competition videos should include the name of the event, year, and contest/division name. Lindy is for your early 20s into your 30s if you lucky. There a reason there are so few good dancers in their 40s. By the time you canada goose outlet toronto address reach your 30s, age starts to catch up with you and you don bounce back from injuries as quickly. If you have lingering injuries,at that point lindy is pretty much hell because “intermediate” dancers can pretty much destroy your body in a single canada goose outlet store toronto song due to the speed and momentum. One horrible injury can pretty much end your lindy career forever. Even if you can still lindy with “safe” partners, you can only ever dance with people you know, which gets old. West coast is there to embrace you as the dance of refugees from other dances.1b) You must less likely to get stepped on and badly injured by another canada goose outlet black friday sale couple becuase of the vagaries of west coast.2) West coast is a much harder dance than lindy for a beginner. This tends to discourage beginners, and the selection effect results in the average skill level in west coast is canada goose jacket outlet sale way higher than the average skill level in lindy. This is actually changing with time as west coast becomes mainstream enough to get people who have only ever danced west coast, but the average west coast dancer came from another dance, which allows them to add something interesting to the dance and start from a higher level. West coast sort of canada goose outlet toronto location has a reputation as the “level up” dance from lindy in that regard.3) I heard that some people go to west coast just because they were ready for a change after X number of years of another dance.4) West Coast evolved directly out of 1940s (sometimes called Hollywood) style Lindy. canada goose stockists uk Right down to the patron saint Canada Goose Outlet of west coast being the same person that canada goose outlet canada the patron saint of Hollywood style. If you learned that style (which Ben absolutely did, being from LA), it is a really low learning curve to transfer from one dance to the other. Both dances have evolved in different directions (especially lindy), so the curve has become more severe, but its an important consideration. Any lindy hopper with a strong understanding of 1940s lindy will pick up west coast quickly even today.5) Styles change. I get frustrated when I see dancers complaining about 90s dancing like suddenly we now have some big “truth” that goose outlet canada we didn have back canada goose outlet edmonton then. Styles change and they will continue to change. More than that, they canada goose outlet phone number tend to go in cycles. The harsh canada goose outlet new york city reality is that 90s style dancing and swing music will probably come back into vogue at some point (not all of it, the same way polyester suits never made a comeback, some parts of 90s style probably my guess is the extreme showiness emphasis on the men will not come back into style). When that happens, some people will move elsewhere. Also, west coast will change as well, maybe back towards lindy, maybe in another direction (right now zouk seems to be the new it thing).6)As a pro in Bens case, probably money. I old enough to remember when the lindy scene was the wild west. Where every promoter competed to create a more outlandishly epic and impressive sounding competition than each other that never lived up to the name. Even by the 90s, West canada goose factory outlet toronto location Coast was canada goose outlet florida part of Dance Sport, with a legitimate pro competition circuit, and a real championship with legitimate prize money. Also because the average dancer is older (and the younger dancers are actual kids of well heeled parents), there is just a lot more money to be made in privates in west coast. This is compounded with the fact there is a lot canada goose outlet ottawa more emphasis on competition in some west coast canada goose outlet store quebec communities (especially California, where Ben teaches), so there is more emphasis on private lessons.7) West coast has a legit defined competition schedule The canada goose clothing uk other major source of dance refugees into west coast is from ballroom canada goose outlet vancouver dance. Ballroom dancers are on average all about the competition. West coast has a very mature and well defined competition rules and definitionst to feed that need. West Coast is still primarily a social dance versus primarily a competition dance like ballroom, which is what attracts people to switch (and the far lower drama level attached), but former ballroom dancers almost always seem to be competition west coast dancers.

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