The Spartans (3 2) wiped out that lead with a 14 3 spurt

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goyard handbags cheap Monday’s showdown at Rockne Hall between Central Catholic, the five time defending Lehigh Valley Conference champion, and Southern Lehigh, which has won the last two Colonial League titles, did not disappoint. After 21/2 tight quarters, the Vikettes (4 0 overall) pushed out to an 11 point lead with 4:54 to play. The Spartans (3 2) wiped out that lead with a 14 3 spurt, setting up the frantic finish in which neither team had a timeout.. About E Alternative Solutions Alternative Solutions, LLC (EAS) is a sister company of Swisher International. EAS develops, markets and distributes vaping products homesite that are manufactured with the highest level of quality control, innovation and commitment to its consumers. EAS is on the Board of Directors of the Vapor Technology Association and prioritizes compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding e vapor products.. goyard handbags cheap

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