The need to “believe” is inherent in the psych of many humans

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Fake Handbags Jonnycomelatelyposted 16 months agoin reply to thisYes, I hear your frustration and negativity and I agree with you mostly, but with a couple of abservations.First, although there seem to be many perpetrators amongst the hierarchy, I believe there are also very many genuine, sincere, honest people in the priesthoods or pastorships who cannot speak up for fear of being kicked out or silenced. (Not implying by this that I agree with them.)Secondly, those within the hierarchy would get nowhere without a base congregation of followers who blindly believe in and live by a bunch of fairy tales. The need to “believe” is inherent in the psych of many humans, a fertile garden soil where it’s a simple thing to plant a few seeds of suggestion and doubt, then watch them grow. Fake Handbags

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