The Eagles rang the changes during the week

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replica ysl handbags They kicked 10.7 after the break, to the Eagles 8.4.The Eagles were always going to come Replica Yves Saint Lauren out firing after being embarrassed by Essendon at Etihad Stadium last weekend.Their intent was questioned after the 61 point loss to Bombers where they fell way short of their opponent in contested football.So it should not have surprised anyone that they led in that stat by 13 at quarter time against the Giants.The Eagles rang the changes during the week. The late withdrawal of Luke Shuey (calf) meant Adam Simpson had seven different players on the ground this week to last.And some of those given second chances were notable contributors early.But the Giants continued to work into the game and almost equalled the contested possession count by game’s end. It was the 56 inside 50 entries and a better result in front of goals that made the difference.. replica ysl handbags

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