” The Atlantic magazine and The New Yorker report the same

As the event began, the first match took place between Val Venis and Steve Blackman. The Brooklyn Brawler refereed the match. Venis stole Blackman’s bag of weapons and brought it to the ring. If you have got this body and mind smoothly, the majority of the peace of luxury of him, you this time you have the potential, you have the ability; what ability? You can have the ability to study the Cause; the beginning has not yet been set, you have the ability to repair the First Zen meditation at this time; the ability to practice the Zen meditation also includes the ability to do the things you have the power to do everything, Ability to do things is also strong, a lot of ability are now out. For example, if he has the ability to study, he is also stronger than the one who can not afford to massage him. He has a strong reading ability and a good memory.

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