The album also supports her work as an activist and UNICEF

Singer Angelique Kidjo revisits childhood favorites

Her new album due uk canada goose outlet in late March on Razor Tie, is a tribute to the music that influenced her when canada goose uk black friday she was growing up and includes Kidjo interpretations of African works as well as songs like Curtis Mayfield On Up, which features John Legend, and Aretha Franklin Canada Goose Parka I Love You, Canada Goose sale a duet with Dianne Reeves. The album also supports her work as an activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.Angelique Kidjo: People were always trying to figure out what kind of music I grew up listening to, based on what kinds of music I do now, and threw out the idea of what an African artist should be doing versus what a European artist should be doing. It was also about time canada goose black friday sale for me to thank artists. When you writing music, you have to be careful, because people canada goose uk shop listen to it at every age. It can derail uk canada goose somebody life or it can empower somebody, and canada goose coats that what music did to me. The music that I listened to kept me away from trouble.Billboard: How did you choose the songs?Kidjo: That was the hardest thing. They came and they came, and I like, know what? Whatever comes, that it. One canada goose factory sale of those was really difficult, canadian goose jacket a song that I had been looking for so long ( Main Chuppa Ke Pyar Ka from Bollywood film . the music is a memory of my father (who) passed away last year. I would be dragging him like it to the movie all the time, Canada Goose online and he understood that it was not only the movie that I wanted to see, but the songs also.Billboard: Why do you think the message of Curtis Mayfield song On Up still resonates, and what did you want to buy canada goose jacket bring to your interpretation?Kidjo: I Canada Goose Jackets wanted to dedicate that song to the youth of Africa, for them canada goose coats on sale to continue dreaming even if the times are hard. canada goose clearance sale And to all youth, because Curtis Mayfield wrote that song not only for the cheap Canada Goose poor kids; it for every kid today that struggling to find their identity, their place in a society that is changing so fast.Billboard: The song was offered as a free download with Uwem Akpan book You One of Them. What is the story in the song?Kidjo: means or Elderly people or ancestors what is the legacy that they leave to cheap canada goose uk us? They have Canada Goose Coats On Sale cherished us and protected us. They are the reason canada goose uk outlet we are here today. So how are we going to continue that legacy? Every child in the world should be free to go to school, not to be sold, not to be turned into prostitutes, not to face our differences of opinions. Religion shouldn be a matter in their lives.Billboard: You a UNICEF Ambassador and started the Batonga Foundation to provide secondary education to African girls. canada goose clearance How will canada goose downloads of album track Can Count on Me benefit this work?Kidjo: Every song that is downloaded gives a vaccine to a child or pregnant woman, because we need millions of vaccines. It is amazing that we in the 21st century and every Canada Goose Outlet four minutes there a new child with tetanus. I can send those girls to school if they aren born, or if they die before they reach secondary school.Billboard: You been a performer for canadagoose-online-shop a long time, across several continents and genres. What changes in the music industry have most affected your career?Kidjo: iTunes and YouTube have allowed me to exist more in people houses than before. It gives the people Canada Goose Online the choice of buy canada goose jacket cheap choosing what they want to listen to, versus all the politics of the single. The only downside of it is that the sales of the actual CDs have decreased drastically. but if they canada goose store want to buy the whole CD, you know they are hardcore fans. It more in the hands of the consumer to choose.

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