Standardization would be easier for shops to handle

With great interest, I read the article by Sainsbury and associates[1] and congratulate them for extensively reviewing the unsolved issue of refractory angina. How many suffer from this condition worldwide remains unclear. However, it is believed that hundreds of thousands of Americans are affected, and that this number increases annually.

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Steve is on his knees now in disbelief as the audience cheers harder. Steve is crying, Steve is bawling his eyes out as he walks around. Steve begins banging his head against the wall, and kicks a hole in it. Overwhelmingly, most African Americans say no, because corporate accountability has too often been overridden by profit. And an example of the corporate exploitation of Kwanzaa was exhibited during the dedication ceremonies which unveiled the Kwanzaa stamp in 1997. As widespread acceptance of the Kwanzaa stamp took hold in the marketplace, so too did the corporate takeover of Kwanzaa with companies buying licensing rights from the United Stated Postal Service to use the stamp.

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