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Wicked people seek to keep you in the dark in order to control you are somehow less worthy, less equal than anyone else, they imagine you are more easy to
There are those who promise secret knowledge and every sort of hidden
As The Christ has said:

For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come
Mark 4:22

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As long as the wings are beating, You are as vibrant as the heart of the heart, As young as your eyes see… As good as you love,
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your eyes see

How long do you live,

How long do you live, how much you love

How long do you live, if you are;

If you are as desolate as you are longing, so wet as the rain has fallen, As long as the sun is warming you alone You are as lonely as you are, This is the life here, as if you are feeling beautiful

This is what you are living as you remember it
You can chill as much as you breathe when you forget this
And forget as quickly as you forget your face
The flower is as beautiful as water, br> The birds are as cute as they can be,
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