Sometimes you just have to say no

50 canada goose clearance Things You Should Never Do

We shouldn’t lie, cheat, steal, kill and a whole host of common sense things. Here is a list of things that may not be so obvious, but will help you improve your life. 50 things you should never do, never for a better life. The world is a big place and can become overwhelming if you allow too many people into your inner circle. Guard your circle like you would guard your canada goose factory sale child’s life or your own life. Take care of yourself and you will live a long healthy and prosperous life. 50 things you should never uk canada goose outlet do, never for a better life.

Canada Goose sale 1. Never forget to moisturize your face daily. A good face moisturizer is priceless, so don’t be cheap if you want to always look ten years younger.

4. Never forget to add at least two tablespoons of olive oil to your diet every day. Olive oil helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and a host of others.

buy canada goose jacket 5. Never skip doctors visits or dentist appointments. Your health is your greatest asset.

canada goose coats 6. Never “let cheap canada goose uk yourself go.” Your appearance and how you treat yourself shows the world who you are before you even say a word. Remember Canada Goose Outlet perception is reality. No, it’s not 100% accurate, but it’s what people believe from what they see. Example: People who wear their pajamas out in public. They are telling a Canada Goose Parka story about themselves and it’s not a good one.

canadian goose jacket 7. Never go to bed angry. You will Canada Goose sale lose sleep and be aggravated the next morning.

8. Never drive while you are canada goose uk shop angry. You will be putting yourself and others at risk of an accident.

Canada Goose Parka 9. Never let the word “I hate” spew out of your mouth.

10. Never let the word “I can’t” spew out of your mouth.

Canada Goose online 11. Never say anything you can’t repeat, anytime, any place and to anyone. This is what hurts this world on a daily basis. Always remember “loose lips sink ships.”

canada goose clearance 12. Never allow anyone to abuse you, verbally or Canada Goose online physically. During adversity, when you are weak, then you are strong!

13. Never let a person show you who they really are but once. Run like there’s no tomorrow to avoid the misery.

14. Never worry over people who really have no effect on your life. Haters, hate that’s what they do! Don’t canada goose uk black friday get angry with a person who has absolutely nothing to do with your life. Focus more on the people and things around you that canada goose black friday sale really matter. Laugh at your haters and keep it moving.

15. Never be canada goose uk outlet gullible. People will Canada Goose Online use you if you allow them to.

canada goose 16. Never be indecisive. If you don’t make a decision someone will make canada canada goose outlet store goose clearance sale it for you.

canada goose clearance sale 17. Never let other people schedule your time. Sometimes you just have to say no. Tell them you have other priorities at the moment. Other priorities can mean anything, family time, work or just plain me time. Don’t do things you don’t want to do just because you were asked!

18. Never keep toxic people around. These are people who just can’t seem to get their stuff together. Their mishaps are always caused by somebody else to let them tell it. Toxic people are also the gossipers and the backbiters that always want to talk about others. They always have something negative to tell you about somebody else. Avoid them like the plague. They will poison your life if you let them in.

19. Never invest too much time into fake people. If 50% of a persons outer appearance is fake canada goose coats on sale and 50% of what they tell canada goose store you is fake, you can best believe you will never know the “Real” person. They don’t even know who they are.

cheap Canada Goose 20. canada goose coats Never post on social media sites when you are going on a trip and will be away from home. Criminals are on buy canada goose jacket cheap Facebook too. People post extremely too much of their personal information. This can come back and bite you in the butt.

canada goose store 21. Never make excuses. People are always making excuses Canada Goose Jackets for why they didn’t do this or that. Don’t be that person. Always take responsibility for your actions. Procrastinators suck!

22. Never ruminate. This is obsessing over how someone did you wrong or treated you badly. Ruminating can cause depression. Distract yourself with something positive or meditate.

Canada Goose Outlet 23. Never ignore signs of a medical condition. If you have pain that never goes away or see something on your body that just doesn’t look right, see a doctor before it’s too late.

canada goose black friday sale 24. Never neglect your finances. Ignoring them will only cause stress and worry. Pay your bills on Canada Goose Coats On Sale time. If you can’t pay tackle them head cheap Canada Goose on. If you are late on something make payment arrangements. If canada goose you have bad debt call the company and buy canada goose jacket ask for a settlement. Most debts can be settled for less than what you owe.

25. Never sit all day. Get up and exercise, cook, walk, go out. Do something. Living a sedentary lifestyle can kill you.

canada goose coats on sale 26. Never stay at a job you hate. Of course you shouldn’t quit if you don’t have a backup plan, but hating your job causes stress and illnesses. Find something you love to do and work will become enjoyable.

canada goose deals 27. Never keep someone waiting just for the fun of it. An example could be purposely waiting to reply to a text message or phone call. You may find tension in the relationship of the person canadian goose jacket trying to reach you and this could be the cause. Most people really hate being ignored. If someone is important to you don’t keep them waiting.

buy canada goose jacket cheap 28. Never bite off more than you can chew. So many people run themselves ragged on a daily basis. They don’t eat or sleep right and are constantly on the go. We like to call it running on fumes. Over time this will cause your body to start breaking down prematurely. You are not a machine uk canada goose and you must learn how to say no.


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