Since it was on the top it wasn’t a very big deal and we fixed

Building a Longboard

canada goose factory outlet toronto location This project started as a fun idea and some concept art, and turned into a really great summer project with an awesome, useful final product. I spent a great deal of this summer working with my chemistry teacher (known as Doc), who is an excellent woodworker and has his own shop; we worked on this board between jobs. Doc’s expertise and tools were very Canada Goose Online valuable in this build. canada goose factory outlet toronto location

canada goose outlet parka Like I said, this project was well worth it for the result, longboarding is a really fun method of transportation. In addition to that, through this project I got to branch out into many new areas I hadn’t yet explored. This project introduced me to fiberglass, lamination, and high gloss polishing. canada goose outlet parka

canada goose outlet miami Throughout this Instructable I will mention all the tools and materials I used. Since the purpose of this board was just fun and non intense transportation, I went with a cruiser style shape. I was fortunate to have a friend who had a board similar to the one I had imagined, so I took a tracing of the contour and just modified it a little to get my final shape. The board ended up about 9″ at the widest point and 37″ long. With patience canada goose factory sale you can freehand the shape, but a model board is very helpful to get an idea of what you want. canada goose outlet miami

canada goose outlet us One of the Canada Goose sale first things I did was design the pattern for the underside of the board. I was excited about these circuit board designs I had discovered, and canada goose coats on sale I threw Canada Goose online together some very colorful concept art in Photoshop. When I got to making a full scale pattern I ended up just using the concept art as inspiration and free handing the design. The solution I came up with was to make a solid block with the negative curves cut out of it so that in a vacuum bag the blank (the unshaped board, or everything that is glued up together) could be pressed down onto the form and forced into shape. I glued up a couple pieces of MDF and used screws to clamp it together. uk canada goose outlet I chose MDF for the form because it is easy to shape, flat, and cheap. After trimming up the block, I sketched out the shape and used my eyes and an angle gauge to decide what angles to trim off. It was a lot of canada goose clearance sale sketching and drawing lines and measuring because there wasn’t a great way to figure it all out. I ended up needing to cut off about a 35 degree angle (I don’t quite remember), at a slant along uk canada goose the length of both sides. I accomplished this by screwing plywood strips to the back at the same slant and running the whole thing vertically across the table saw. We cut off the taper for the tail using the bandsaw, and smoothed over all the edges with a rasp. If you don’t have a table saw you’ll have to get creative, but with a mixture of a hand Canada Goose Coats On Sale saw, a rasp and a sander you could probably get something close. But buy canada goose jacket just find someone with a table saw. From all my research, everything said to use baltic birch, so we ordered a sheet from our wood supply place. It cost $16 for a 5×5 sheet. I cut the three pieces of plywood bigger than canada goose uk black friday their final dimensions, and tapered the ends on the chop saw so that the wood wouldn’t have to bend over a compound angle. As for the fiberglass, Doc happened canada goose clearance to have a roll of airplane grade fiberglass from an earlier project, so I got that for free, part of the reason this project was buy canada goose jacket cheap so inexpensive. We cut the two pieces of fiberglass cloth to size. You can find fiberglass materials at most hardware stores or a specialty store, like a plastics supplier. canada goose outlet us

canada goose premium outlet We waxed up the form with beeswax, and laid out lots of wax paper. Also gloves are absolutely necessary when working with epoxy, and an extra person is very helpful. Fiberglass canada goose black friday sale is composed of fiberglass cloth, sandwiched in two layers of epoxy, so the glue up was a matter of laying down plywood, a layer of epoxy, cloth, epoxy, plywood, etc. Mixing the epoxy in separate batches is easiest, and read all the instructions with your specific epoxy. Try to pat down the cloth before pouring more epoxy over it, and make sure to squeeze as many air bubbles as you can out before you put on the next layer of plywood. canada goose premium outlet

canada goose uk site Once the blank was all assembled on the form, we tacked in three small nails through the blank to keep it from sliding around. Then we covered the top and bottom with wax paper and laid it in the veneer press. This press is basically a bag on a frame that folds down onto a table top and is attached to a vacuum. With minimal difficulty, this press sucked the blank right down onto the form and kept it there until we pulled it out 4 hours later. Since I do not know anyone else who has or has access to a veneer press, a sealed vacuum bag with a hand pump should also work for this type of glue up. These bags can be made or purchased. Look for lamination vacuum bags or veneer vacuum bags. canada goose uk site

canada goose jacket outlet toronto We had kept the cheap Canada Goose extra mixed epoxy as a gauge so we knew when it was hard enough to remove. Although it was advertised as 15 minute setting time, it still took hours. I did this by cutting along half of my original paper pattern and tracing that onto one side of the board. I flipped it, and traced the other half to create a symmetrical shape. I cut this out with a jigsaw. There is really no better way to cut it out. Then I moved to the handheld belt sander to smooth out the curve. A normal sander would work, but optimize for the belt. Whenever you are cutting or sanding fiberglass a respirator is very important. After getting the curve smooth, I routed a small round over on the edges (not totally necessary) and went over the whole thing with 150 grit on the orbital sander. canada goose jacket outlet toronto

canada goose outlet buffalo After figuring out where canada goose outlet I wanted the trucks, I placed one down and cut a piece of plywood that fit in canada goose uk shop between that and the other one. Then by holding Canada Goose Jackets the trucks against the board it was easy Canada Goose Parka to make sure that they were straight and lined up with each other. I think we got it Canada Goose Outlet just about perfect, but it honestly wouldn’t have mattered if they were a little off. canada goose store I marked out the spots and drilled and countersunk the holes on the top of the board. We didn’t back the drill bit very well and we got some tear out. Since it was on the top it wasn’t a very big deal and we fixed it up as best we could, but we definitely could have been more careful. At this point we threw the trucks on and took it for a test ride, It worked great for a first run! But my shoes left lots of footprints on the unfinished wood. I planned to spray paint it in a mixture of red and black, to compliment the color of the canadian goose jacket wheels I had. This meant I had to mask off the design in tape. I covered the whole underside with masking tape and attached my pattern to the tape with some spray adhesive and more tape. Then I meticulously cut out the whole design through the paper and tape with a straight edge and a razor blade. When the right sections of tape had been removed, I moved to spraying. I laid on a coat of red and canada goose uk outlet added black splotches and flecks until I liked it. Him being a chemist, I believed him. We usually spray using gravity flow spray guns hooked up to the air compressor. If you choose to wipe the stain, just be careful. Since the stain was sprayed the grain doesn’t pop quite as much, but I can live with it. canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose outlet online reviews We applied one last layer of fiberglass to the underside for protection, and to provide something to polish up. In the process of canada goose polishing (which comes later) you want the surface to be as flat and smooth as possible. Our solution was to spread a little extra epoxy on and then stretch a piece of wax paper over the whole surface. After giving this a day or so to cure up we removed the wax paper, cut off the excess fiberglass with a razor, and sanded it down flush with the edges. Now for the top 🙂 canada goose outlet online reviews.


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