Restaurants say they’re resistant to giving away their extra

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Handbags Replica The Cambridge United of old is coming back, says Paul LewisMidfielder back in the thick of it and off the mark for the seasonLewis came off the bench to score a late winner against Grimsby Town at the weekend, his first goal of the season in what was only his eighth appearance in all competitions.A dead leg kept the midfielder out at the start of the campaign, and since then he has often been deployed as a substitute, or not used at all.He now hopes he can now build on his performance and get into the starting line up, although he admitted it is an area of the pitch the U’s have plenty of depth in.Cambridge United boss salutes Lewis and Dunk following Grimsby win”I’m made up, I’ve only scored away from home, so to get one at home is great,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter who scores at the moment just as long as we’re getting the goals and the three points.”I’ve worked hard. I haven’t had a lot of game time of late, but I’ve kept on working hard and hopefully that’ll get me a few more minutes on the pitch.”Hopefully [I can get a starting place] but it’s down to the gaffer and what he decides to do Handbags Replica.


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