Rating: 7The likelihood of being able to sign him?He signed a

Group of veterans got together and said we need to do this for ourselves. It veterans helping veterans as opposed to having it run by other parties. They decided that they needed to step up to the plate and take ownership and support each other. My understanding of special relativity is that it is fundamentally based on the constancy of the speed of electromagnetic radiation that this speed is a physical law (or derivable from physical laws and facts about the vacuum) and not a contingent fact. Does that mean that, if humanity did not know about light (or electromagnetic radiation, generally), would we then be unable to come up with special relativity? To put it another way, imagine a species of intelligent life insensitive to electromagnetic radiation no eyes etc. Would they still have a reason to produce the theory of relativity, or would they likely have created a physics framework which doesn’t involve the speed of light so centrally?.

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