Question: One number is as small as 742

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wholesale replica designer handbags # With the help of simple 4 sources, get all the numbers in the class at a very short time: # _____________________________ If the class is given in the heart, or in the case of the bigger the number, then the question is – # 1_technic_value number = (class 1 +1) ÷ 2
. # Question: If the heart rate of the decimal number is 47, then how big is the number?
Solution = (= 47 + 1) / 2 = 24
# 2) If there are intervals of two classes, small numbers In the diagnosis
# 2tekanikahchota number = (the square of the interval -1) ÷ 2
# prasnahduiti serial number 33 square intervals. What will be the smallest number? ## Solution: The number of digits = = (33-1) ÷2 = 16 (v) ___________________________ ############# 2.

Question: One number is as small as 742, which is as big as 830. How much is the number?
# Solution: Number = (742 + 830) ÷2 = 786 (v)
========================= Source: -4) In the case of two numbers, and given a number, in the case of counting the other – # 4_technics: the number of two numbers is ÷ a number.
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