Qamar Naseem, a rights activist from the Blue Veins group, told

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Canada Goose Outlet Whenever something sales well, it is expected that the prices will increase accordingly to bring even bigger revenue. Such is the nature of capitalism. However, there is more to it. The Saudi outlets did not use the word transgender, nor say anyone had been killed.In Pakistan, transgender activist Farzana Riaz told a news conference on Monday that sources in the transgender community in Saudi Arabia had told her the two Pakistanis were beaten to death with sticks.”We are deeply saddened by the deaths of these two innocent trans persons in Saudi Arabia Canada Goose Outlet,” Riaz, a leader of the group Trans Action Pakistan, said in Peshawar.Riaz showed journalists several photos of those still in custody that she said had been sent to her by contacts in Saudi Arabia, along with messages sent via cellphone.Qamar Naseem, a rights activist from the Blue Veins group, told the same news conference he had shared available information about the incident with members of Pakistan’s parliament.The Pakistani Interior Ministry was not available for comment on Monday.In Pakistan, transgender people are often shunned by their families and forced into begging or prostitution to support themselves.Recently, however, a nascent transgender activist movement has gained attention and legal rights.In January, a Pakistani court ruled that transgender people would be counted in the national census for the first time. In 2012 Canada Goose Outlet, the Supreme Court declared equal rights for transgender citizens. They were guaranteed the right to vote a year earlier.(Reporting by Mehreen Zahra Malik, Jibran Ahmad, William Maclean, Aziz Elyaakoubi; Writing by Mehreen Zahra Malik; Editing by Alison Williams and Paul Tait) Canada Goose Outlet.


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