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World Cup diary

· The stands may be half-full Best Prada Outlet In Italy but no one could possibly criticise the state of the Barberino Factory Outlet Prada pitches Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware in either Japan or Korea. Wherever players have run out they have been greeted by luscious carpets of turf almost supernaturally green. It turns out, Black Prada Chain Bag however, that the grass has been genetically modified to appear greener than it should thanks to the addition of a hi-tech combination of chemicals known to scientists as paint. David Beckham was so unhappy on Sunday that his gold boots were slowly turning green that he demanded to be substituted. Apparently.

· It is always nice for a nation to discover that they are being led by a man with a poor grip on rationality and a bizarre series of superstitions, so the people of Sweden are presumably delighted to discover that their prime minister Goeren Persson spent Sunday morning cowering in the corner of a deserted room while his country played England, receiving occasional text message updates from fellow politician Maud Olofsson. “I have a nasty tendency to watch games that Sweden loses,” the premier explained, “so I’m being a little careful in Authentic Prada Handbags Outlet Uk the initial stages.”

· What is the best way to avoid detection by a “hoorigan”? One Japanese TV wag appeared About Prada Products to have found out on Sunday night. Followed at a distance by a camera in Saitama he – get this – wore an England and a Sweden shirt Authentic Prada Gauffre at the same time, so he could declare his Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk allegiances to Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk whichever burly foreigner walked up to him first.

· Denmark’s 2-1 win against Uruguay on Saturday was a magnificent result which gave the Scandinavians a great chance of qualifying from their group replica prada handbags, and the players certainly celebrated in style and with wild abandon: they went fishing.

· German Are Prada Trainers Made In Vietnam fans are accusing Japanese police of being too strict on acts of harmless drunkenness after two of their number were driven away by police upon arriving by train in Ibaraki, where they play Ireland tomorrow. “They are taking us away like criminals,” complained Michael Leicht. “All we were doing was lying down in front of the station.”


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