Photo Courtesy of the City of PittsburghOne tag

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cheap air force The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Graffiti Squad is investigating vandals who in recent weeks have spray painted graffiti tags in several spots throughout the city.]]>The vandals are spray painting their tag names throughout the city in some very visible and public places, Cheap jordans including highway under and overpasses and light poles, and there are a lot of them.think as far as ownership of property and respect for property, that should be (un)acceptable,” said Marion Ceichner of cheap jordans 8.5 Pittsburgh. “When something owns something show respect for the ownership. cheap jordans for sale online free shipping Don view that favorably, there a reason that illegal,” said Daniel Geroni of Bloomfield.”Photo Courtesy of the City of PittsburghSome of the locations vandalized include the 1600 block of Beaver Avenue, the 1900 block of cheap jordans canada Perrysville Avenue, Eckert Street, McClure Avenue, Route 65 near the Fort Duquesne Bridge, the 1300 block of Federal Street and the 1500 block of Penn Avenue.Photo Courtesy of the City of PittsburghOne tag, reading is typically accompanied by another unreadable tag and found throughout the Northside. cheap air force

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