“People who use the center submitted a petition last year

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Hermes Replica Aarif A in accounting programs, you want to learn accounting programs and expensive prices you have to grant him the accounting of the entire Academy of Astart to qualify you and training in all kinds of accounting programs
********************* ********************************************** *************

******** training inclusive of all accountants students and graduates all branches and programs with the largest accounting
lecturers, specialists In all fields of accounting

Our goal is to qualify students and graduates to the labor market through practical training on the actual books of real companies
and training on all electronic accounting software
Kalda in one grant and comprehensive
and the price of Very Expensive
We offer 3 grants in one grant – 1 – Professional Financial Accountant Grant – 2 – Comprehensive Certified Accountant Grant – 3 – Electronic Accounting Grant – **************** Include **************************** First: professional financial accountant grant (PFA)
1- opening preparation of the budget and how to establish companies (whether legal or accounting)
2- types of companies and Ogrdha
3- design documentary course, the accounting system for companies
4- preparation restrictions accounting for all financial operations and registration in the entity’s books 5.
work adjustments and restrictions closing inventory
6- preparation of financial statements and Final accounts in accordance with the standards of financial accounting
* Financial Accounting book full practical books on actual real companies
*************************** *****************************
Second: comprehensive Chartered accountant
grant include:
1- all taxes (Sales Taxes – General Taxes – Commercial & Industrial Profits Taxes) – 2- Costs – 3 – Financial Analysis – 4 – Accounting of Construction Companies – 5- Accounting of Import & Export Companies – 6 – Accounting Hotels restaurants
7- Accounting petroleum companies
************************************** ********************** Third: Granting electronic accounting. Includes: 1- Application to accounting program (Accounting Excel) 2- Bar Program Peachtree
3- QuickBooks
program and the trainee gets the following certificates: –
1- Certificate of two years experience from the Chartered Accountant Office
2- Certificate of AccountingProfessional Finance Certificate (PFA) 3 – Electronic Accounting Certificate 4 – Comprehensive Certified Accountant Certificate 5 – Certificate Accreditation (optional) ****************************************
<<<< The number is limited Booking >>>> – Booking start from 15/2/2016 to end 28/2/2016
************************ ********************************
For reservations and inquiries:
T / 01117389796 – 01091406110/35696517 > Address / 7 Gamaet El Qahera St., Giza Sq Hermes Replica.


TIT Kossuth Klub Egyesület
1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7
+36 1 338 31 66
+36 1 411 08 46