O Allah, forgive me and my nation

The pope is a human being. Making him anything else is blasphemy. A priest is still human too. As for the truth of the Hadith, the book of Allah and the closer ties of the word of piety and good boredom, Abraham and the good Sunan year of Muhammad and the honor of the talk of God and the best stories of this Quran and the best things of the provisions and evil things updated and best guidance guidance of the prophets and the honor of death killed martyrs and blind blindness misguidance after guidance and good science And the good of guidance is what followed and the blindness blindness heart and the upper hand is better than the lower hand and less and more good than the many and the evil and evil excuse when he attends death and the evil of regret on the Day of Resurrection And from the people who do not come to pray except for a dirham and some of them do not mention God except the greatest sin and sins of the tongue lying and good richness of the richness of soul and good Zad piety and the head of wisdom fear of God and the best of what is in the hearts of certainty and suspicion of disbelief and departure from the work of ignorance and ignorance of hell and treasure Fire and hair of the Psalms of Satan and wine intercourse of sin and women stranded the devil and young Division of madness and evil gains gain riba and the evil of Replica Hermes Birkin eating orphan money and the good of preaching other and brotherly From the naughty in https://www.fancyofferhandbag.com the womb of his mother, but one of you becomes a position of four arms and the matter is the last one, and the owner of the work is his sinners, and the evil of the corners is lying, and all that is to come is near, Allah is for him and for those who are weak, Allah will relieve him, and whoever will be angry will be rewarded by Allah, and whoever is patient with repentance will be rewarded by Allah. Forgive me and my Ummah, forgive me and my nation. O Allah, forgive me and my nation.

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and when to be accepted and when to be rejected
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