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Kubota Mini Excavator 2,7T plus Gourdon Trailer 3,5T
€ 1 – Barsac, Aquitaine, France

I write the announcement for a friend, please contact directly at the
KUBOTA mini digger kx71- 3, 2,7 Canopy
Year 2012,
Hours: 2795 Declaration of conformity in my Hydrostatic transmission
Rubber tracks New Barbotins
Rings and axles new (Fastening of the attachment quick release of the balance and the feet of arrow).
Equipment revised by GEM Distribution (Langon 33210)
Draining and filters, engine, hydraulic system, cooling liquid, greasing Quick coupling, bucket 300mm, 500mm, cleaning Line Hardware in very good condition, well tracked and well maintained, serious equipment ready for sale. Price: 23400 € NET – Trailer Gourdon, Year: november Map gray to my Material condition Price: 2000 € NET

Sell in
kubota, mini excavator, gear trailer, buckets, caterpillar, canopy,.

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