# no editing Contestants choose to dress up the following

While watertight integrity can be adequate, at least in surface vessels submariners say there is no such thing as a minor leak while submerged complete gas tight sealing, as well as the shutdown of ventilation systems, may be necessary if there is a threat from inhalation. Even tighter than condition ZEBRA is CIRCLE WILLIAM, the condition to be set under CBR conditions. While the sail handling crew often took pride in running along the spars to which sails were attached, or scrambling up masts, modern standards call for the use of safety harnesses and restraints.

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Read to complete before deciding where to land

There are 5 rounds (separate selection)
Round 1 Round 2 Round half of the first round
Round 3 half Of the second round
the fourth round of 10 people
round 5 1-3

Prize # # Cutter 1 at 90 W
at 2 70 W
at 3 50 W

# Do not cut
1 70 W
2 50 W
3 30 W

There is a secret proposition in every round, but you have eliminated the secret.
# cut
There will be 4 pictures in the comment. Contestants choose one to cut. We are full of imagination. The more we wow, the more you accumulate money.
# no editing Contestants choose to dress up the following proposition.

The open proposition as well. It is 80% dress and 20% matchmaking sent in the same problem as well.

Embroidery Do not be afraid to not be notified, we will notify you in the field you send it.

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Last Updated Thursday Aug 3 2017 3:00 PM

Location: 50 miles SE Of Kamloops

Discovered: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 5:00 PM

Size: 150 ha

Status: Active

• 100% contained

Interface: Interface Fire

One structure has been destroyed by fire

Evacuation alert

More information

A full of fire fighters shift are on duty now

This wildfire is now in control

The wildfire is being held

very little growth over night

. BC Wildfire Service ground crews and air support are currently working on continuing to strengthen and establish containment around the perimeter of this
The Fire is on the other side of the ridge


BC WIld fire Incident Command Post has been set up at the Monte Creek General Store

• 75 Fire Fighters

• There is Bulldozers onsite

• There is Water Tenders onsite

• helicopters are on standby if Incident Commander needs them

• Air tankers are on standby if Incident Commander needs them wholesale replica designer handbags.


TIT Kossuth Klub Egyesület
1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7
+36 1 338 31 66
+36 1 411 08 46