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Michelle is also a co founder of Self Improvement Online, Inc. A privately held, New Jersey based Internet company. The company mission is to provide informative, quality self improvement and natural health information to help people improve their lives with information ranging from goal setting and stress management to natural health and alternative medicine.

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The SEC alleges that James Clements and Zeina Smidi of Plantation, Florida, through the companies they jointly controlled: MRT, LLC; MRT Holdings, LTD; and Maximum Return Transaction, LLC, collectively operated a Ponzi scheme that offered investors guaranteed monthly returns as high as 11%. From 2005 until the end of 2006, MRT, Clements and Smidi told investors that MRT used investor proceeds to trade foreign currencies and touted MRT investment success to draw in new investors. The SEC complaint further alleges that MRT and Clements used certain investors who agreed to be managers to solicit hundreds of investors through informal gatherings and word of mouth..

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I heard some great stories from one guy. His mother was one of the first to move into a house from a caravan. He said she could never settle and very often he would get home from school to find a note pinned on the door with a new address. That is the state of things here. We even have that are designed to target foreigners and Danes with brown skin. This is fully admitted by the parties that put it all in place.

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