Most spend their time improving themselves in some way

Top 10 Secrets and Habits of Wealthy People

10. Rich people moncler outlet online save money. Everyone should be saving money, whether they are rich or not. We are all familiar with the adage that we should save ten percent of our earnings. Most people know that they ought to have a rainy day fund, and an emergency fund, with at least three month’s wages, in addition to a retirement fund.

But where does the average Joe get the money cheap moncler jackets to sock away for a rainy day? For most average people, every day is a rainy day, when kids need new moncler uk outlet shoes, the car is out of gas, and the bills are stacking up.

In fact, according to CNN Money, 76 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Half of the people responding to moncler online store a CNN Money poll said they have less than three months savings, cheap moncler jackets womens while nearly a third said they had no savings whatsoever.

Most of us aren’t saving money, because we don’t feel like we have extra money to save. But the rich know the importance of having money in the bank, regardless of how tight the belt gets. So how do you make the transition from having no savings to starting an account and keeping money in it?

First, make saving a priority. If your company offers a 401 K plan, take advantage of it. There is no reason you can’t take $25 from your weekly paycheck and put it moncler sale outlet away. If the company offers a match, then try to meet that amount. It is free money into your retirement.

If you work for a company that doesn’t offer a 401K, or you work for yourself, then you have to be more creative and more self disciplined cheapmoncler to save money. But you can still do it, and it will still make a difference.

There are many suggestions for saving money. A look on Pintrest, or a simple Google search will yield hundreds of results for learning how to save money. Some suggestions are to keep all your change in a jar, or keep all your $5 uk moncler sale bills and save them, or put a certain amount into savings each week. The possibilities are endless.

The fact is, in order to save, you must make it a priority. It doesn’t matter if you are saving change in a jar, or $5 bills in a drawer. Until you decide to save money, you won’t. The easiest best moncler jackets way to save money is to open an account that is not easy to access. Then, commit to taking ten percent of your paycheck and depositing it first. Before you moncler outlet pay bills or buy groceries or do anything fun, first take the money out of the bank and deposit it into a savings account.

Don’t go looking at your account every day. Just leave the money alone and let discount moncler jackets it grow. Don’t start planning how you’re going to spend it. Leave it alone. Allow your savings to grow without making plans about how you will spend it. That way, when a real emergency strikes, and you will know uk moncler outlet when it does, you can rest assured that you have the money to cover it.

9. Rich people are in it for the long haul. This isn’t just about playing the stock market, although most wealthy people will tell you to ride the waves as they come. Those with money have tenacity in all areas of their lives, not just investments.

When investing money, it’s dangerous to get nervous when things look shaky. Any millionaire will tell you that the time to buy stocks is when the market is down. But that isn’t always easy for middle class America. When the market begins to plunge, most people feel panic settling into their gut, and they react accordingly. Instead of the knee jerk reaction, wealthy people realize that everything is cyclical. They are willing to wait moncler usa out the highs and lows, in order to see a full return.

The same is true for life. Rich people don’t make hasty, knee jerk reactions. They realize that patience is a virtue, cheap moncler coats mens and most problems can be waited out, or resolved with time.

If you find yourself easily frustrated, quitting jobs because you get angry with your boss or coworkers, or have trouble sticking to anything in life, take a lesson from the rich. Patience is a virtue. Give your problem some time, before you take drastic action. If, in a few hours, or days, or even weeks, the situation isn’t resolved, then it may be time to move forward more forcefully.

Until then, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and remember that this too shall pass.

8. Wealthy people invest in themselves. There is more to being wealthy than having a large pile of money, moncler sale and the wealthiest people in the world know that the most important investment they can make is in themselves.

According to a recent Success Magazine poll, 88 percent of wealthy people read every day. moncler sale online Whether you are reading trade magazines, books about your profession, or books about self improvement, it is important to cheap moncler sale spend time reading. And rich people don’t wast all their time reading comic books. Most spend their time improving themselves in some way.

Higher education is important, whether you are working moncler outlet store on your Bachelor’s Degree or your second Master’s Degree, it moncler outlet is vital that you continue learning and improving yourself. Wealthy people don’t accept the status quo for themselves. They strive moncler womens jackets to improve themselves and their lives.

With the large number of online classes and workshops available, there is no excuse for not learning. And if you truly can’t afford to take a class, many libraries, museums and community colleges offer free classes that will improve your network while you improve yourself.

Along those same lines, you won’t find wealthy people parked in front of the television for hours every day. They have no time. Rich people spend less than an hour each day watching television. And most don’t spend hours surfing the internet either, unless they are working or reading job related information.

Successful people spend their free time in moncler outlet woodbury other ways. Rather than watch television, they read books, work on self improvement, volunteer in their community, or pursue networking opportunities.

There is no time like the present to invest in yourself. Begin taking a class and working toward your degree. Or read a book. Or volunteer at a community fundraiser. Not only will these help you on your own path moncler outlet prices to success, but you can improve the lives of others while you’re at it.

7. Successful people know when to say no. Being a “yes man” is not on the path to wealth or success. Successful people cultivate the skill of saying no, not only in their personal lives, but also professionally.

While saying yes to everything that comes up is a way to get out in the public eye, to build your network, and to get known in the community, it has a downside. When you say yes to every request, you can overcommit your time. You can lose sight of your priorities, and you will cheap moncler jackets mens surely feel burned out before too long.

In business, saying yes to every idea or opportunity can lead to trouble, as you lose moncler outlet sale sight of what is important and what your goals are.

According to Forbes Magazine, saying no can be liberating.

At the end of the day, your success depends greatly on your ability to manage your time. We all have 24 hours, rich or poor. How we use those 24 hours each day will determine whether we are successful or whether we spin our wheels.

Wealthy people know the difference between opportunities worth pursuing and those that are best left alone. When you learn to discern the difference for yourself, you can say no to the things that don’t matter, the things that don’t enrich your life, and the things that will drain your energy. As you learn to discern, you will become more successful instantly.

6. Successful people start now. Whether it is a new job, a new idea or a new habit, successful people don’t delay.

When a successful person decides he wants to start working out, or begin a new task, he doesn’t sleep in and wait until tomorrow. The successful person gets up early and gets moving in the direction of his or her dreams.


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