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Even the food looks merely okay best replica bags , when it ought to be making a viewer’s mouth water.It’s a half star rating all around, passable but nothing special , a low stakes story with nobody worth rooting for. The ensemble cast including Paul Sparks (“The Night Of”; “House of Cards”) as a demanding manager; Tom Sturridge as a bad boy bartender; assorted others as misfit waiters and kitchen staff are forced to serve their lines from an unappealingly predictable menu.One standout is Caitlin FitzGerald (“Masters of Sex”; “UnReal”) as Simone, the queen of the wait staff who seems to embody Tess’s ideal of the complete New York woman, from her precise table service and broad knowledge of wine down to her East Village apartment filled with good books, jazz albums and a claw foot bathtub in the center of the living room. Though Simone seems to have it all, Tess soon figures out that she suffers just as exquisitely as she thrives.

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