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< br> What are you doing on Sunday ??
⏰ on Sunday April ⏱ 08 10: 00? eat breakfast Balphend S.
go to Fnideq for shopping 11: 00⏱
⏱alousol to Fnideq 12: ✔altjol shopping (free) time.
✔tnol lunch (free time)
go to the strait 15: 30 minutes to get to the Strait 16:00
✔ Go around the area and enjoy the beautiful beach scenery.

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– China You must speak. – – Microsoft Office, Internet & E-mail – English, Typing skills.
pay 5 lakh -> hours – 9:00 to 5: 30

Note – Closed on Sundays and public holidays, those who wanted to apply for work in the office is closed.
to the following email address – write full CV on Microsoft Word file> (PDF, JPG) to change the application. > job applicants do not need to pay any fees.
Contact Ph No: 09 426494397> (5 hours 9 00 – 00 contact hours)
Email: symyanmarm @. Replica Hermes Bags

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