Let’s talk about the series better than the first series

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Here is the message of the Gospel of Luke 1: 26-38

In the sixth month, in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city called Nazareth in Galilee Appeared to the virgin
The angel appeared to Maria, saying, “O blessed one! Mariah was troubled to hear these words, and was wondering if he thought this greeting? “The angel said to her,” Do not be afraid, Mary; Maria said to the Angelic messenger, “This is what will happenIs happening I am a virgin! “” The Angel of the Angel said to him, “The Holy Spirit comes upon you, then Maria,” I am the slave of the Lord; What will happen to me? “

It is the Gospel of Christ.

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aliens us from the aliens and neighbors

If there is a slippery worker –

How to go to a discussion forum “I’ll find out who he is doing wrong,” says the angry guy This incident tells us the truth that the speakers do not speak properly.

The Lord Jesus in the Gospel According to Jesus, the New Testament was taught to kill or kill others, see It is very surprising that in the second kind of disadvantage in the rigorous culture of society, it is not surprising that we do not see the injustice done before our eyes today.

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