Kind of like Kratz, admitting fault, and apologizing to the

A day can feel like a lifetime, dragging ass, waiting on a moment that will never come. Kind of like Kratz, admitting fault, and apologizing to the world that he wrongfully Convicted Steven Avery, and that the whole thing was a set up. Stop sexting Jena, and clean your side of the pen, you damn dirty, sweaty Pig..

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However, neither of these fanciful hypothetical situations proves Respondents’ point. In both cases, it is the explicit, unmistakable, offensive message that the bakers are asked to put on the cake that gives rise to the bakers’ free speech right to refuse. That, however, is not the case here, where Respondents refused to bake any cake for Complainants regardless of what was written on it or what it looked like..

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