Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Elvis Presley, Frank Lloyd Wright,

A. Akhmatova). An example of a four ictus dol is. The Chad Smith Drum App has received great praise from both fans and from fellow drummers.[citation needed] In May 2013, Smith launched In Conversation with Chad Smith, his own podcast through MusicRadar where he interviews other musical artists.[20]Smith joined Sammy Hagar in the studio to work on music for his twelfth studio album. They were joined by guitarist Neal Schon and bassist Michael Anthony and according to Hagar it was the rebirth of his 1980s band HSAS, which featured Schon and two other members.[21] In 2013, Smith joined jazz musician Jon Batiste and bassist/producer Bill Laswell to create a unique musical group to score a film that had yet to be written and will never be made. The album, The Process, was released on November 4, 2014.[22]Smith appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers from June 15 19 sitting in on drums with The 8G Band.Starting on January 20, 2017, Smith began hosting Landmarks Live in Concert, an eight episode concert series on PBS in which Smith will sit down and discuss music with various artists.

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