Just another example of wasteful spending for “green” purposes

WHITE RICE FILLET – 50 50 – Kon Tum (city) Acne or blemish acne to skin. – Skin after shower is pinkish white, not white. – Long lasting effect, no antiperspirants. A. It’s so hard to say. I have a column that I write. Or rather, I should add that the council probably knew the lawsuit was coming, but was willing to risk our dwindling city budget to set a new precedent. Just another example of wasteful spending for “green” purposes. If we had ooodles of money in the city coffers, maybe we could afford taking on lawsuits, but now? When the economy is so bad that we have to make cuts to the police and fire departments? Yet the city is willing to spend tens of thousands on legal fees for a green agenda.

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Friday, November 10, 2017
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