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Kristin Kasinskas’ husband, Peter, described the girl’s affect as “pretty flat.””She didn’t express anyfearfear,” Kristin said, per KARE 11. “She didn’t say that she was afraid this person was coming after her.”Jayme was taken to a hospital and held overnight on Thursday, but has been cleared by medical professionals, according to Fitzgerald.The area where Jayme was found is a rural collection of about 30 homes originally built in the 1960s as cabins,according to the Star Tribune, a local newspaper. The homes are set back from the road or obscured by trees, and the paper noted that they are mostly unoccupied during the winter months.Law enforcement fielded 3,500 tips from across the country on Jayme’s whereabouts with assistance from the FBI.Earlier on Thursday,false rumors had circulatedthat Jayme had been found in a different part of the state, several hours from Gordon.After Jayme was finally found, her cousin Tanya Kempton wrote a heartfelt note of gratitude on Facebook.”Thank you to everyone who helped in the search to help find Jayme! She was finally found tonight,” Kempton wrote.

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