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QUALIFICATION: Male, Up to 40 y/o
ASSIGN IN :Valenzuela
NOTE: para sa mga interested applicant pero malayo ang location meron po tayong boarding house na malapit sa

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Group Founders
Robin Wicca Farrington
Robin Dracken Farrington
Blaire William Farrington
Blaire Robin Farrington
Blaire Blairewitch Williams
Lesa Farrington
Debbie Bene
Lesa Farrington
Sherri B Stein
Ken Long – Kenneth Long

BD Les Gottschutzke
Wayne Brookman
Jana Heinemann
Kelly Heath Griffin
Xhaxha Michaels
Gerdie Pogorevc – Erica Brandits
Diane Houston
Tracy Futzing Bussett- Bobby Jo Vincent
Mam Purple
Barb Mulvihill

✨✪Teachers/Spell Workers
Robin Wicca Farrington
Ken Long
BD Les Gottschutzke
Dan Aubry

✨✪ Pinned Post Robin Wicca Farrington
Opened May 5 9:11 pm

✨Pages –
✨Group Rules

☆-Respect for the MAGICK is the key to Light in the ☆-Respect for one another and no baiting ☆-All MAGICK is at your own discretion and we are not in anyway responsible for misuse or Flawed
Related Groups https://ksr-Altars, Magickal Tools & Other Paraphernalia

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There are some other famous markets, which have a brief introduction here:

Just like in Dhaka, the following is a brief summary: – The huge market of Dhaka’s wholesale goods is located in Babubazar, Shyambazar, Country-Foreign The huge market of paper Alubazar, Electric and electronics market in Patuatuli Road of old Dhaka, Kaoran Bazar of Teengao, huge cloth is famous in Islampur Bazar, Nawabpur Road, Gaumontas X Gulizhan Hakas ‘Mack’at, Gulbazar’s Bangabazar, market of huge agricultural machinery in Bangshal, midfot’ huge market of hospital medicine, huge market of electronic goods in Bangabandhu National Stadium, Baitul Mukarram The huge market of gold and lentils in the national mosque, the huge wholesale of the book in Nilakhet Bazar, Dhaka’s traditional New Mata’t and adjoining Gaussia Mata’t, Handicrafts for the Kuru-Charu products, Aziz Super Makaat, huge market for flowers, flower market in the market, special market for sale of pets, Kantaban market, computer and mobile Aggargon’s huge market of goods – I will briefly mention the other famous markets in Chittagong:

The market is in Riyazuddin Bazar, Chittagong’s huge cloth market, Chittagong’s Pahartali road, Chaul’s huge market (Chittagong), Station Road Falpatti, Chittagong’s Kanailahat Kachar Bazar, Bahaddarhat Kacha Bazar etc Replica Handbags.


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