It didn make sense, it made Igi look like an asshole saying he

asks congress to be part of united opposition front

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The president’s approval rating in the suburbs is just 34 percent. And in those same suburbs, Democrats enjoy a whopping advantage (56 percent to 34 percent) over Republicans on whom Americans are more likely to vote for. Men approve of the job Trump is doing, a 50 percent to 42 percent margin.

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There was no story for Ignis, and he is the only Bro that lacks a background story. We know almost nothing about his past, so I was hoping to get something new in this dlc.The alt ending was a waste of time to me. It didn make sense, it made Igi look like an asshole saying he does not care about the world and only Noctis (it only happens in English, in jp he does not say this).

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