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It may not be recommended for people with gum disease or dental work such as crowns.First, a rubber shield or a protective gel is put on the gums to keep the bleaching agent off them.Whitening product is usually applied to the teeth using a specially made tray similar to a gum shield.The active ingredient used by dentists is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.Although the dentist starts and supervises the treatment, whitening product will need to be applied at home in between appointments.What about laser teeth whitening?Laser whitening or power whitening uses a laser to activate chemicals in the whitening product for a faster treatment making teeth up to 6 shades lighter.A rubber dam is used to protect the gums before bleaching product is painted onto the teeth and then activated using the laser.This procedure usually takes about an hour.How much does professional tooth whitening cost?Whitening teeth is a cosmetic procedure so is not available on the NHS unless there is a medical reason for it. Private charges vary between dental practices and the type of treatment, but can run into hundreds of pounds. Laser whitening is more expensive than standard bleaching.The British Dental Health Foundation recommends getting a written quote or estimate of the costs before starting treatment.How long do the whitening effects last?The effects of professional tooth whitening are can last up to 3 years, but this will be different for each person, their standard of dental hygiene, and whether they continue to smoke.What about ‘dead’ or root filled teeth?A dead tooth can become discoloured after being root filled.

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