It adds some weight, but overall this is the lightest and


29 seconds ago:
You killed -●M●- 54 seconds ago:
You killed -●M●- 3 minutes ago:
You killed -●M●- BlondMomentsᴮᴹ – Bringing your total kills to 11,023 4 minutes ago:
You killed -●M●- ĨⒷ₳Ⓢ ᴮᴹ – Bringing your total kills to 11,022 5 minutes ago:
You killed -●M●- -●M●- Şаɨɬbσаŧ – Bringing your total kills to 11,021 6 minutes ago:
You killed -●M●- ƬӇΞ ЯΞƁΞŁ ╬ЯĦR╬ – Bringing your total kills to 11,020 mobsters.

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