– Inferior alveolar nerve transpositioning

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البرنامج التدريبي المتخصص في زراعة الاسنان بالقريه الذكيه يوم الخميس الموافق 4/9/2014 بثلاث عمليات زراعه مع د/محمد حسن نور – مدرس وإستشاري زراعة الاسنان – ماجستير جراحة الفم والأسنان – دكتوراه جراحة الفم والوجه والفكين جامعة Program Director
BDS,MSc,Phd faculty of oral and dental medicine, Cairo university lecturer and consultant of oral and maxillofaeial surgery, O6
Consultant prosthontics advanced researches oral implantology Germany Member
Clinical Work
Five implants
Every candidate will place three implants in patient mouth & Two implants Prosthesis included in course
Hands-on Training
Demonstration of surgical kit –implant components
Implant placement in foam Indirect impression Suturing – Clinical stage of course starting from 8
Topics & Dates
Date of start 4/9/2014

=== 1st Day 4/9/2014

– Patient selection: Medical considerations- Clinical Examination intra and extra Oral – Radio-graphic examination – Cast
– Osseointegration: biology-affecting factors-adjacent teeth and osseous architecture-Long term physiology of osseointegration Replica Designer Handbags.

– Anatomical considerations: Mandible-Maxilla.

=== 2nd Day 5/9/2014

– Biomechanics of dental implants Introduction: History-Micro/Macro design-Types Of Implants.

– Treatment plan: Prosthetic options-estimation of ridge width-Surgical template-Implant selection-Provisional planning – financial considerations-patient information.

– Surgical techniques: loading protocols-patient preparation-instrumentation-Anesthesia techniques-Flap techniques-implant insertion-suturing-post operative Care-immediate implant placement-immediate loading-Flapless surgery.

– Soft tissue management: Incisional techniques- preservation of the papillae-Excisional techniques.

=== 3rd Day 6/9/2014

– Horizontal bone augmentation Guided tissue regeneration- guided bone Regeneration.

– Sinus Floor elevation: Anatomy, pathology internal and external sinus lift Protocols.

– Inferior alveolar nerve transpositioning.

=== 4th Day 7/9/2014

– Prosthodontic procedures: Emergence profile- Abutment selection-cement Retained prosthesis-screw retained prosthesis-restoration of single tooth Implant- Multiple tooth restoration-combined natural tooth/
– Treatment of edentulous ridge: diagnosis-treatment plan-fixed full arch bridge Construction-implant supported overdenture ball-bar and clip.

– Implant Support Overdenture.

– Failures and complications.

– Graduation
=== During the fifth day 8/9/2014 Five cases will be practical for each
Program Fees
For Egyptian & Foreigners:
5111 LE
With one implant only in patient
8222 LE
With five implants in patient mouth, 3 implant & 2
75 Euros
For any membership, ICOI or DGZI

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TIT Kossuth Klub Egyesület
1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7
+36 1 338 31 66
+36 1 411 08 46