In the name of God, I will lift you up from every disease that

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The Most Merciful of the Most High > 37 – Pray blessings and bless O Ali……. On the owner of the means and the fate of the Almighty

Who sings the name of (Ali) Glory to God above his place and raise his mention and gave him the wisdom and knowledge of the secrets of the 38 – Peace be upon you, O Great

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• I seek refuge in allah from the evil of all evil devil and the evil of all mighty • I seek refuge in God Almighty greater than the evil of all the sons and yesterday and evil of the servant of magic • I seek refuge in God Almighty above the demons of the demons and their soldiers • I seek refuge in God Almighty above the evil of the hateful and evil And the evil of those who are evil, and the evil of the beholders, and of the lovers, and of the evil of the sorcerers. In the name of God, I will lift you up from everything that harms you from the evil of every soul or the eye of God. In the name of God, I will lift you up from every disease that afflicts you. The same as the hateful eyes of each of the souls or magic of the sorcerer or the child of a pillow. In the name of God, I will lift you up from the evil of the jets in the decade. A hatred – of the evil of envy if envy – of evil magician if charm – of the evil of the beholder if he looked – from uIf there is a problem in the name of God, then you will not have to worry about it, and you will not be disappointed with it. Hermes Replica Belts

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