In Bangladesh, if it is sued to a bad thing, then it is trying

The Legend of Love and a Long ago, before the world was created, the virtues and vices One day, all vice and virtues gathered and found that they were getting bored more and more Suddenly, Ingeniousness had the idea of ​​playing with you. With all they admitted it was an excellent idea and on the occasion Madness cried out: “I want to count, I want to stay counted! “And, as no one was crazy enough to contradict the Madness, the other vices and virtues were of” While madness numbered, the other vices and virtues ran to “The madness continued to count:” 70, 71, 72,… “Now, all virtues and vices were already hidden, except for Madness:” 98, 99! “And then, while Madness was going to number 100, Love was hiding in a bush of Madness : “Hundred! I started looking! “Lenea was the first defect discovered because she did not even have the power to make Madness was . Then Madness grabbed a fork and slashed the rose bush wildly until a desperate cry broke” What I did? What have I done? “She cried desperately. And Love said,” You can not give me your eyes. And since then, Love is blind and is always accompanied by Madness.

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